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Note: This is really just a cross post from Flickr and my 365 days project. But since jameel and I were talking about it in the last post, I decided I should copy it here. I'm wondering, am I (and probably Jameel) the only person who actually knows what a Sun Sword is? And why its not a lightsaber? Blah, now I want to do more superpower pictures. This project is making me lose my mind. For GodMC's sake will some hot chick come and do a glamour photoshoot with me to bring me back to sanity?

Ok, the fact that I've spent the last 3 hours since midnight doing this and I'm so excited about it is just a testament to how geeky I really am at heart. *sigh*

So I actually had this idea about 3 days ago when I was predicting the end of the world in my blog. I didn't do it then because I wanted to make sure I had the time to really do this right. Unlike my last superhero picture where I changed the concept halfway through, I was dead set on this one being exactly what I wanted.

Anyway, it has become clear to me that if I am to survive, nay to lead, in the post-apocalyptic dystopia the world will clearly fall into any day now, I must be prepared to enter into battle. And to battle effectively I will need a weapon. So just after midnight, I went down to my basement and began to fashion the weapon I have wanted since I was six years old. The Sun Sword.

For the record, though the Sun Sword is clearly similar to(and obviously inspired by) a lightsaber, it is not a lightsaber. It is oh so much infinitely more awesome. I just want to point that out, because putting this picture together took me an extra hour that I spent subtly tweaking the effect so that it looks as it does as opposed to the more solid halo-like glow the lightsaber has.

The fact that I, a grown man, have not only thought about this for more than 10 seconds, but spent 3 hours in the middle of the night working on it, pretty much means that I never deserve to get laid again as long as I live. But somewhere, somewhen, the 6-year-old me is smiling from ear to ear.

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