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on juggs...

So this past weekend I was having dinner with the lovely sundaygray and the talented beststephi (actually, they're both both, but I aske Steph, which she wanted to be referred to as and she picked talented) and the subject turned to one of everyone's favorite topics. BREASTESES! Specifically, we spoke about breast augmentation.

Then, yesterday on the the Colbert Report, his guest was feminist, Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, and she made a snide comment about Girls Gone Wild having breast implants that kind of stuck in my mind as well. There's something that has always bothered me about a lot of women's attitudes towards boob jobs. Specifically their disdain for other women who have gotten them. It never really made sense to me. I could see jealousy. If you're a woman with small breasts, it makes perfect sense to be jealous of a woman with bigger breasts. It makes perfect sense to be jealous over anything you don't have. If someone is smarter than you, you're jealous of the their intelligence, fine. But no one (for the most part) disdains someone for going to school or reading to improve their intelligence. Why not? If you diet to lose weight, no one disdains you for that.

When we were at dinner Jill theorized that maybe its because when you get implants you haven't "earned" it. But I'd argue that you earned the money for the surgery. At least a lot more so than someone who just happens to have been born with nice boobs. Both Steph and Jill agreed that they're nowhere near as jealous of women who naturally have bigger chests. Other women have admitted that to me in the past as well. So it appears that its simply something about the artificialness of it.

I once hear comedian, Kathy Griffith rant on the Howard Stern show against boob jobs but then admit that she'd gotten a nose job and it wasn't the same thing. Why not?

I've heard many guys say they don't like breast implants because they "look unnatural." That almost makes more sense, to me. Maybe a little shallow (and we all know how much I hate being shallow) but it makes more sense. After all, its totally natual to have preferences in the kinds of people we're attracted to. I like long hair better than short hair, for instance. But that's a prime example. Why do we make fun of women that have gotten weaves? Is it your hair? Yes, I bought it.

The girls asked me how it would make me feel if the magazines were full of men who got penis implants. Well, that's quite simple. I'd feel like they were almost as big as me. :-P Seriously, it would either not bother me (much like it doesn't bother me if guys take steroids to be bigger than me) or it would and I'd save up my money and get a penis implant. I certainly wouldn't claim that it was somehow anti-masculinist (is there a good counterpart to feminism for men?) to want to have a bigger wang.

So that's my question. As a woman would you ever consider getting a breast job? (There are at least two women reading this who have personally told me that they'd consider getting a reduction, I'd say that counts too) As a man, would you consider some kind of penis enlarging surgery. As either gender are you somehow put off by people who'd go through such surgeries and do you feel like it somehow hurts the people who don't?

on journals...

In other news, my old friend and classmate, Les Kay, wrote me the other day to let me know that he and his wife (another old friend and classmate) had started a literary journal, The Ward 6 Review. They are taking submissions for fiction and poetry and I promised him I'd pimp it out to those who might be interested. Members of the lx_arena, I am of course looking in your general directions (we should totally have a meeting, btw). But to anyone else who likes creative writing and is interested in submitting, or anyone who just likes to read, go there and check it out. I may even try to take a wild boyish fling at writing and send something in myself.

on jams...

Still haven't totally made up my mind about whether or not to have a halloween party. Steph seems to be leaning towards yes, and sometimes I'm thinking I want to, but other times I feel like I'd be just as content to go to mistergone and martinivixen's. I know other people are planning on hitting that up, but several people have asked me if I was bringing back Halloween Jam this year. I just don't know. But I need to decide soon. So, I ask you, noble reader, should there be a Halloween Jam or no? If there is one, it would be on the 28th. Would you be available that day? Would you want to come?

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