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so I was planning on writing this a couple days ago, but I kept being busy with other stuff. As events would happen, I'm glad I waited. As today I had reason to rethink things.

So the thing I've been wondering about is how people decide what to and not to put in their blogs. I got into a conversation last week about the nature of blogs and whether or not it was really possible to write one that wasn't about you.

When I first started this thing, it was essentially a diary. A standard post of mine might mention that I had been laid off, that I had been in a car wreck, that I was having trouble quitting smoking or that I had totally schooled max1975 in tennis and made him cry like a little girl. Various little tidbits of my life. I suppose they were interesting if you knew me but not especially so if you didn't.

As time went on I started writing more and more little rants about whatever bug happened to be up my ass that particular week. Wonder of wonders, people seemed to find them interesting and so I was kind of encouraged to write more. The more I realized that people were actually paying attention to me the less I really wanted to talk about the mundane aspects of my life. Part of it was me wanting to be entertaining, and part of it was me wanting my life to be separate than the person that writes this thing. And honestly the more I began to make that seperation, the more I began to enjoy it. So Mav the blog persona became a completely distinct aspect of my life than the one I live every day. And it became very rare for me to mention something at really had something to do with my life.

Today I'm going to make one of those rare occasions.

I got a call from mamarayne this afternoon asking me to read this article. Please by all means check it out. The base story. In my hometown, a few lunatics were looking for someone who may or may not have vandalized their house. They couldn't find him, so they opened fire on a group of random teens. No one got hit, and the teens scattered and ran. The lunatics caught one of the kids, shoved him in their car and pistol whipped him to try and find out where the vandal was. He did not know the person, so was unable to give them any information. So they beat him more, until by chance a police car happened by the parking lot they were beating him in and rescued him. Apparently they weren't very smart lunatics.

Anyway, what the article neglects to mention is that the 15-year old boy in question is my cousin's son

So there you go. A personal connection to my life. And you know what the kicker is? I don't really have anything interesting to say about it. Its not just that its too close to me or anything. I just don't have a spin. Buncha lunatics. Did a horrible thing. I hope they get locked up for a good long time. Yep, that pretty much covers it.

So really, I guess what it comes down to is, my blog isn't really about me at all. In order for me to really have something to say, it needs to be something I have something to say about. The existence of a link to my life or lack thereof is secondary.

But I am wondering about other people. How do you decide what to write about? Do you keep mostly to talking about your life? Do you consider what might or might not be interesting to the reader? What makes you keep a blog and how do you decide what goes in.

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