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haven't tossed off a full blog entry in over a week, but here are some smaller thoughts that have been on my mind over the past several days for one reason or another.

  • Thank you to everyone who attended Halloween Jam. I hope you all had fun, and pictures will be up soon. In theory.
  • Congratulations to my little brother, Sean and his wife, Jessica on the birth of their new daughter, Nevaeh.
  • Thank you to beststephi for eight years of love and happiness. Here's to hoping for 80 more. But after that I'm trading you in for some hottie twenty-two year old bimbo. No offense.
  • There should be a penalty of some sort for people who try to take more than eight items into the express line. Counting to eight really isn't that hard. And really, if you happen to have nine, I'm not going to bitch. But how do you end up with twelve. I think for every item over eight you are, you should have to give $10 to each person in line behind you.
  • Is John Kerry secretly working for the Republicans? I mean, he's a relatively quiet guy most of the time. He just shows up every November to make the Democrats lose.
  • Who is doing NaNoWriMo? I've thought about it in the past. And I even considered it briefly this time, but I feel like whenever I do finish writing my novel, I want it to be... you know... good. I just don't feel like I can create quality if I force myself to write every day. Of course, I'm forcing myself to take a self-portrait every day for my 365 project. So that may not really be much different. So if you're attempting it, I'd really like to know what you think of the project. Does it feel worth it? Are you proud of what you are writing? What are you going to do with it when you're finished?
  • Steph is getting me new portrait lights for my anniversary present. I need someone to model for me this weekend so I can play with them Preferrably someone hot. I mean, I know I'm all sexy and stuff, but after 82 days of this 365 project, I'm kind of tired of photographing myself and need to mix it up a bit. Any volunteers?
  • Why do funeral processions get special traffic exemptions? The people are already dead. They are not in a hurry. When I die, please, any of you who feel the need to have a service for me, please honor me by NOT FUCKING UP TRAFFIC FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Especially during rush hour.


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