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on my fight against sexism...

The Best Sport Ever!
Yes, max1975, you're welcome
So I was talking to the lovely and talented, beststephi the other day and trying to make a rational for why discrimination was sometimes ok. My argument was that, for all the rhetoric about people being equal – men and women, blacks and whites, christians and jews – there are just some differences between people that sometimes can't (and shouldn't) be ignored.

My reasoning was the WNBA. Should women be allowed to play basketball? Of course they should. Should they be allowed to play in the men's NBA? Some would say yes, but if they are, then why can't men play in the WNBA? Maybe I want to be a pro-basketball player, but my skills aren't quite up to par with Shaq's. But maybe I can hold my own against Sheryl Swoopes. Ok, who am I kidding? She'd kick my ass. But I bet I could kick ass in the special olympics. Why should I be penalzed simply because I don't happen to be mentally challenged. I'm challenged in other ways. I'm challenged by being too short for the NBA. I think the discrimination keeping me out of the special olympics is just awful.

I remember when they first started hiring women to be sideline/lockerroom reporters at football games a few years ago and it was a big deal because the women said it was discrimantory not to allow them to do it, while the men complained because they didn't really want women in the lockerroom. You know, where they're changing, and showering and banging cheerleaders. Ok, I guess some women were ok.

I can think of other examples, I don't think a black guy should be able to claim discrimination for not being hired to play George Washington in a play, and I don't think a jew should be able to sue the Catholic church for not allowing him to be a priest.

Then there's really interesting cases. What about transsexuals? If you're the transsexual, you clearly want to argue that you should be treated in all ways like the destination gender, however what about people like Renee Richards. For those who don't know, she was a female tennis player who started life as Richard Raskind, a male tennis player. After her gender reassignment, she fought to be allowed to play on the women's circuit and the New York Supreme Court eventually found in her favor and allowed her to play, despite the fact that presumedly she had male traits that would have given her an unfair advantage. Isn't that why there are separate leagues in the first place, or does your ability to play tennis really get affected all that much by whether you pee standing up or sitting down?

So I guess we could make the exemption that certain jobs require certain physical traits no present in certain people. At the end of the day, I'm not female. The reason the NBA doesn't want me is because I'm short and really not all that good at basketball. But if Sheryl Swoopes wanted to switch leagues should she be allowed to? And if so, then how come Labron James can't go down to the WNBA and dominate it?

And if we allow exemptions in sports and acting, why not other things? Steph has always had a problem with Hooters because they don't hire male wait-staff. Her argument being (I believe and I'm sure she'll correct me if I'm wrong) that a man can wait tables just as easily as a woman. However, I'd argue that the job of the Hooters waitress isn't simply to deliver food but to provide a certain atmosphere and image that one can't provide if they're male, or ugly or fat. We can't sue Victoria's Secret for not hiring ugly models. Why should Hooters have stricter policies?

So I'm curious about people's thoughts on this. And hopefully some of you have some interesting ideas. Because I was just thinking how much I'd like to quit my job, change careers and join the women's beach volleyball circuit. It is the best sport ever. Men's beach volleyball pales in comparison.

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