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on help with photo projects...

Liz with sword
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So I've been doing more and more photography lately. Obviously I have my 365 Days project (available for LJ viewing through the 365mav syndicate -- cheap plug). But I've also been shooting lots of lovely ladies lately. Mostly I've just been attempting to approve my skill and my portfolio, but doing so has given me an idea for a photo project.

And I need your help. Or at least the help of 78 people.

What I would like to do is shoot a tarot deck. Or at least make a photo set representing every card of the tarot. I haven't decided for sure whether every shot would feature a person (for instance, I might want to do something else for the World or the Tower) but I'm certainly going to need people for a great deal of them.

So who wants to model for me? I've asked this before of course, but never with a specific point. Now I kind of have one. I kind of don't want anyone to pose for more than one card, so I really am going to need a lot of people. So whether you've posed for me before or not. Whether you're male or female. Whether you even know me. If you're interested, please comment here and let me know. And hey, if you know someone else who I don't know and you think they'd like to do it, please send them to comment here as well. Its not like I have a shortage of spots.

I'm not specifically planning out who is what card yet (because obviously, I don't have any volunteers), but if you have a specific card you'd like to be (or a few options) feel free to mention that down here as well.

This should be exciting and fun. So does anyone want to help me out?

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