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V. The Empress
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I finally started working on my Tarot deck. I have finished two cards. Only 78 more to go.

I have some ideas about some of the cards, and I have a nice long list of people who have agreed to model, but before I go any further I'm going to need to plan ahead an work out some details. So if you're interested in posing, you could help me out by filling out the following little questionnaire.

I am still of course looking for other people, so if you know someone who would be interested, send them my way.

Physical basics
1) Are you male or female?
2) How old are you?
3) What's your body type? (fat, skinny, average, athletic, etc.)
4) What's your ethnicity? (black, white, hispanic, asian, etc.)
5) What color is your hair and how long is it?
6) Is there a good pictue of you online that I can use as a reference?

Clothing basics
7) Do you have cool looking black clothes?
8) Do you have cool looking colorful clothes?
9) Do you have cool goth/club/fancy clothes?
10) Do you have cool trendy/business casual clothes?
11) Do you have cool casual/street clothes?
12) Do you have cool formal/evening clothes?
13) Do you mind posing in your underwear?
14) Do you mind posing in the nude (or partially nude)?

Page of Cups

Page of Cups
Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.
15) Do you have your own sword? What kind?
16) Do you have your own cane or staff? What kind?
17) Do you have your own cool looking coin or disc? What kind?
18) Do you have your own cool looking cup or glass? What kind?
19) Do you have some other prop you'd really like to pose with? What is it?

20) Describe your personality in three words?
21) Describe your appearance in three words?
22) Have you ever modeled for photography before?
23) Have you ever modeled for me before?
24) Is there anyone else that you'd definitely like to pose with or do you really want to be on a card alone?
25) Let me know anything else you think I should really take into account.

I'm still not going to promise anyone any specific card (especially since it turns out that like most people request like the same 10 cards, and no one asks for the other 68) but I did write down when people requested a certain card.

Oh, also let me know when you're going to be around to shoot. Thanx.

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