Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on strippers and singing...

Carmen Electra
because I can't take my own
pics in strip clubs.
I had been meaning to write this earlier in the week, but life got in the way. And I totally wish that I was allowed to take pictures in strip clubs, because I totally would have a 365mav picture with me singing Bareoke to go with this post, but since I didn't please enjoy this here picture of Carmen Electra, the future former Mrs. Maverick, pole dancing. I know I do.

So anyway, I've had the opportunity to talk about the concept of strip clubs with a few people lately. I find the varying attitudes towards them amusing. Particularly from women, but even from men. I've heard arguments that going to a strip club is essentially cheating and i've heard arguments that its harmless fun. One female friend of mine recently said to me "what's the big deal? I mean, its no different than looking at porn, right? All men look at porn." (let me just point out that this particular girl is beyond awesome) While another friend told me just tonight that her husband wasn't allowed to go because "he has me, what more could he want. I'm willing to strip for him if he wants, and I even have the shoes." (said girl is also totally awesome). Still another perfectly awesome girl has given me the argument that she is against them because she considers them "explotive to women because the men are in control and treating them like objects." Of the three women I just mentioned only one has ever actually been to a strip club (the second one) and only once. So in my opinion, its all just conjecture and speculation, but still they are all valid points worth examining, I think.

I'm obviously in the first camp. But then I'm a hypersexual, superliberal, anarchist afro-chinaman who worships Jay-Z as a god, so, you know, my opinions on these things can be a little skewed sometimes. But in general, I'm of the opinion that how a woman (or a man for that matter) chooses to earn a living is their own damn business. If you can make a buck by shaking your thang, then more power to you. I don't consider it cheating or even insulting to your SO because, no, its not enough. Life is about variety sometimes. For instance, I think beststephi is incredibly gorgeous. Honestly, I'm shallow, that's probably one of the reasons I fell for her in the first place. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy looking at someone else as well (as I enjoy looking at Ms. Carmen over there). I think its quite similar to the fact that I really enjoy talking to Steph because I think she's incredibly bright. (I'm shallow, that's probably one of the reasons I fell for her in the first place). But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy talking to any of the rest of you as well.

And I don't consider it exploitive because, well, I've been to strip clubs, and its pretty much been my experience that the girls are the ones in control. And I'm pretty sure that the girls choose to be there. I mean, yes, they are being paid to provide amusement with their bodies. But I'm a prowrestler. I get paid for the same thing. Really, I think some of the software design jobs I've taken are far far far more exploitive than any of that. I think Walmart is more exploitive than a strip club. But I shop there too.

But as always, I'm quite curious to entertain other people's arguments. How do you feel about strip clubs? Do you frequent them? Are you against them? Do consider then art or are all we sinners going to Hell? Have you ever even been to one? How do you feel about your SO going to one? What do you think about the women who work at them? What about a male strip club? Do you feel the same way?

I've been itching to go back to the Tennyson Lodge for Bareoke since I was there for a bachelor party weeks ago, and max1975 and I were talking about taking a trip out there when I get back from Boston. So either on Wednesday the 11th or Friday the 13th of April. Would anyone like to come with us? It'd be great. Call it field research or just good fun. AOL and SPIN magazine both consider it the best Karaoke in Pittsburgh and its really fun. Wed. seems like a fun day because the bar is emptier and you get more chances to get on stage, but of course, most people have to work on Thursdays, but it's totally worth it. Friday of course doesn't have that problem, but the club has a lot more people in it, so you don't get to sing as much and it might be more intimidating to people who've never gone before.

Oh yes, and of course both women and men are welcome. As one of the dancers explains it, its a quite "couples friendly" club.

So who's in?

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