March 31st, 2007

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03:08 am - on strippers and singing...

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on strippers and singing... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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From: moody56 Date: April 11th, 2007 - 03:03 pm (Link)

another female take

I think the stripping industry is the same as anything else, you typically only hear about the extreme and negative aspects. Is it for me? no. Do I care if people go? no, it's their choice.

My husband is a salesman at an industrial roofing company and he worked with some of the nastiest sonsabitches at his former employer. Sometimes when they were out to lunch and he would call to chat for a bit, they would start yelling in the background saying that they were at a strip club. After a while he finally told them one time, "Guys she wouldn't care anyway". He said they were dumbfounded.

I think it is the same idea as porn you're there to get something from looking at someone else naked. There is no physical or emotional relationship, hell no real relationship for that matter!

I don't know thats just my view on it.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: April 11th, 2007 - 03:28 pm (Link)

Re: another female take

yep, that's pretty close to my feeling on the matter. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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