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on Jammy Jam...

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Haven't been writing much here lately. Sorry for that. I have been devoting the entirtty of my blogging to 365mav. I'll try to work on that. I still need to post the results of my sexiest woman poll from a couple months ago.

Anyway, the time of Jammy Jam is nearly upon us. So I need to start planning for it. It's been problematic because I haven't been working, but that situation seems about to be remedied (at least temporarilly). So here's a general call for interest. When would be the best time to have Jammy Jam? The 27th or the 28th of this month?

Traditionally, Jammy Jam is on a Saturday close to my birthday. But this year I have been invited to present my photography at a show on that day, so I am considering having my first Friday party in many many years. Would people be able to make it then?

Also, Jammy Jam has been getting expensive in recent years. Would anyone be willing to donate money towards footing the bill? I have a couple idea for some stuff that might make it even cooler than normal if I had the cashola.

Speaking of which, the idea has been floated of having live bands again this year, just like last year. Are you in a band? Do you know a band? Want to play at my birthday party (for free, most likely, unless people are WAY more generous with the donations above than I anticipate). Let me know.

And lastly, are you planning on attending from out of town? Let me know as soon as possible if you need crash space somewhere. Its at more of a premium every year.

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