Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on fitness and weight loss...

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Sitting at home working out and watching TV, and I am struck with a question. This isn't meant to offend anyone, so I'm going to break character and lose my normal mean spirited tone that I write with here, because I'm really curious.

Do obese people who go on super fitness diets and lose hundreds of pounds end up being extremely strong? I mean, most weight loss plans involve strength and muscle building anyway, of course. But for instance the woman on TV right now went from 527 lbs to 162lbs. Even assuming that she lost half of her muscle strength since she's no longer carrying around 365 lbs of what she used to on a daily basis, that still seems like she should be much stronger than average. I know I can't go very far with 180 extra pounds strapped to me.

So does anyone know how that works? Does anyone know anybody who's lost that large an amount of weight?

I'm really curious here.

Wow, that's probably the least offensive I've been in a blog posting in years.
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