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so, if you've been following 365mav, then you probably already know that I collected the first year of self-portraits together in a nice little coffee table book, which everybody should totally buy because, like I want to be famous and stuff.

Anyway, playing with blurb and self-publishing, I found that I really liked it and I really liked the coffee table book format and I started trying to think what else I could do with it. Eventually, I came up with this idea of having a coffee table book of maybe 20 glamorized fairy tales. Spoofs on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and hat not. Not really pornographic per se, But adult oriented and sensualized in the same way that most of my photography is. I've talked to a couple models about it and people seem excited by it.

Anyway, I had lunch with max1975 today and he thought it was a cool idea and expressed interest in helping me write it. Honestly it had never occurred to me before to even ask anyone else to write it with me. I kind of thought of it as "my thing." I'm REALLY sure that I don't want to share the photography, but I'm torn on the writing.

So here are my questions for people:
  1. Do you even think its a cool idea? Would you buy something like this? How much would you pay for it?
  2. What fairy tales should I be sure to include?
  3. Do you think I should write it myself or share the writing with other people?
  4. If you're a writer, would you be interested in writing a story for it?
  5. If you're a model, would you be interested in modeling for it? (Unlike the Tarot thing, I don't think I need a gazillion different people, and in fact, I think it might even be funny if like Prince Charming was the same guy in every fairytale.
  6. Should I just have like one picture for each story or a couple and try to illustrate different scenes?
  7. How long should it be? I was thinking maybe 20 short stories, like a page or two each. Would it be better if the stories were more... story length? Should there be more or less than 20?

And any other input people think is important I'd love to hear too. I'm pretty excited about this one. Geeze, I have way too much going on.

Oh yeah, quick plug, come to my show tomorrow night. You know you want to.
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