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If you haven't been following 365mav (and you should be, as I write there everyday) you might not know that I wrote a comic book. Well I did. And Pittsburgh Comicon is tomorrow.... max1975 and I will be there selling the book and signing copies and stuff like that.

The comic is based on four of the girls who have modeled for me, and on Saturday and Sunday, they'll be joining us in our booth to sell and sign books as well. We'll also have prints and posters of the girls for sale and we'll even have t-shirts. Som come. Spend money. Buy stuff. Make a long line so that we don't seem foolish sitting next to Sal Buscema.

And if you're not local and can't make the con, you should still buy the book because its awesome. It really is. I'm not just saying that cuz I wrote it. And if you want extra super duper total awesomeness then buy the portfolio edition graphic novel same great story, but on really nice paper and with extra bonus pics of all the real life girls.

Come on, help a brotha out. I'm but a poor starving artist who wants to eat next month.

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