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Run Juice, Run!!!!

OJ Simpson
The Juice is UNloose!
Kind of amazing, huh? I'm posting two blog-rants in less than 24 hours. There was a time when I posted here each and every day, but these days i center so much on other projects that I'm lucky to post here once a month. That said, I talked about pop culture earlier, and I thought I told an interesting story, so check it out.

Now to the issue at hand. OJ Simpson was sentenced yesterday for his conviction on theft charges. Believe it or not, despite my stance on OJ the murderer, I'm actually ok with the current verdict. Why? Because I actually believe that the two offenses are completely separate and one should have no bearing on the other. Did the Juice break into a building and try to steal some shit? Yes. That's the end of that story. And if that's a crime then let him be punished.

But my problem right now is with the sentencing. The judge yesterday stated that she was sentencing on this crime and this crime alone. Any previous occurrances would have no bearing whatsoever on her decision. She then issued a 33 year sentence for what is essentially a first offense robbery charge. 33 years to a man that by all accounts wasn't even the gunman in the offense. 33 years to a man who by all accounts was robbing from thieves. 33 years to a man who is 61 years old. Effectively a life sentence... for robbery. BULLSHIT!!!

In the hood, if someone steals your shit and you know who has it, you know what yo do? You go and take it back. That's what you do. That's what anyone would do. If you want to argue it's wrong, fine. But seriously 33 years?

SNL made the joke at the beginning of this trial that he was "being tried for armed robbery, but really the murder of 2 people." That is what's happening here. And that is wrong.

I know this isn't going to be popular. beststephi has frequently said about my OJ rants, that "good, I can't feel sorry for that man." But see that's the problem. You should feel sorry for OJ. The man is being railroaded., The justice system only works if it is a system. If it is fair. Lets say OJ did skate on murder charges. Lets say he's a huge asshole who killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Let's say he then spent 13 years openly bragging about it and generally being an asshole. Let's say all of that happened. You know what, the justice system should still protect him. The justice system has not protected him here. Not only was the justice system unable to protect him from the initial theft, but it has punished him, and excessively so, for protecting his own interests.

I get it, I know people don't like OJ. I know most people believe he skated on the earier charges. But you know what? None of that should matter. The LA Times should not have a headline that OJ FINALLY goes to jail. And if this is really about justice being served on this particular case then why the fuck is the first person who is interviewed outside of the courtroom by the media Fred Goldman? Fred Goldman is a self-righteous, greedy, opportunistic piece of shit, and what's worse, he's a piece of shit that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this case. Honestly, he really didn't have anything to do with the first OJ case other than inserting himself for his own personal gain. And yet, in this case he's the first person the news goes to when the sentence is read. "Finally," he says, "that S.O.B. is off the streets." Gee Fred, I hope you sleep easier now. I know I do. I feel so much safer knowing that OJ isn't out there prowling the streets murdering people. How did we make it through the last 13 years.

The purpose of the justice system is to protect the people. It is not about revenge. It is not about vengeance. It's about JUSTICE. Or at least its supposed to be. And justice was not served here. The second we start being happy about making an exception because "well, its OJ and he should have gone down 13 years ago" is the second we all lose.

Would it matter if he wasn't black? Would any of this be an issue? I have never for one second believed in Bobby Blake's innocence. Not for a second. And Blake also got off. And you know what happened then? Blake went away. The media just forgot about him. They let him go. Nobody says anything about him and we never see him. In OJs case, people like to blame him for not "going away" but you know what? OJ TRIED to go away. He retired, he moved. He tried to spend the rest of his life in obscurity and Fred Goldman and the media followed him. Yes, OJ became a tabloid magnet, but he didn't really try to be. People always blame him for that, but really, what did he do? He tried to live his life, play golf and hang out with his friends and family. OJ didn't go out clubbing. He didn't hold press conferences. It was the world that wouldn't let OJ go.

I think the world likes to punish black atheletes. Plaxico Burress is an idiot, but does he really deserved three years on an expired permit charge? I mean really? Michael Vick? Dog fighting charges? Ok, it was gross and disgusting and maybe even evil, but people behave as though Vick is the antichrist. The worst human being to walk the earth since... well, since OJ. And what did he do? He did mean things to dogs. Things that in some circles are considered normal. Am I saying it's right? No, its wrong. But it's also excessive.

So yeah, OJ is in jail now. I hope last night everyone was able to sleep easier last night without the spectre of Simpson hanging over our heads. I hope the world has changed to a happy place where birds sing and flowers bloom. Rainbows are flooding the sky. Woohoo. I for one weep for the obvious suspension of our legals system just to appease the bloodlust of the masses.

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