December 6th, 2008

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12:17 pm - Run Juice, Run!!!!

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Run Juice, Run!!!! - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 6th, 2008 - 09:07 pm (Link)
I have no sympathy for Fred Goldman whatsoever and I never have. Yes his son is dead, and that's tragic. But that's not the end of the story. At the time of Ron and Nicole's death, Fred Goldman and his son were not on speaking terms and reportedly hadn't really been in quite some time. Fred Goldman isn't nor has he ever been, looking for justice. He's also not really looking for money (he has plenty). He's looking to assuage his own guilty conscience through the eternal suffering of the man who he blames for causing it. Yes, he has every right to hate OJ. I have no problem with that, but in hating OJ, he has made a mockery of the legal system in order to dispense his own justice.

Now on to the 33 million that OJ owes Goldman. OJ is was not found guilty of murder in the second trial as many people believe. Actually, he was found civilly liable for Ron Goldman's death (not Nicole's) in a vague and ambiguous way. Had OJ been found guilty in criminal court, the civil suit could never have come about as double jeopardy attaches. Through the workings of the American Legal system, you're allowed to sue someone for wrongful death if they're found criminally not guilty. The reasoning is supposed to be so that the families can get financial restitution for an accidental death not caused through criminal means. Say, I carelessly run over your mother in my truck. Or I design the safety harness that fails and causes your son to fall to his death. That is the circumstance in which you sue me. The Harts had a civil case against the WWF for Owen's death, though there was clearly no criminal intent.

Goldman used his financial power to manipulate the American legal system into giving him vigilante justice. And furthermore he did it in an excessive way. Civil suits are supposed to award restitution based on damages and reasonability of the defendant to pay. At the time of the murder OJ was actually in debt, being worth about $800K, and owing $650K in back taxes to the government, plus his own millions in legal fees for the trial. Ron Goldman was a waiter at a restaurant. The likelihood that Ron would have made $33.5 million in his life (or five lives) is highly unlikely. So damages were not that high and OJ did not have the capacity to pay it. The court found that the affection that Ron had for the unit of his parents together (though they were split up) was worth $9million. Furthermore it found that the affection that Ron had for the unit of his father and OJ's kids was worth an additional $24.5million. OJ would have to pay off th $9million first, then the remaining $24.5million from whatever he earned for the rest of his life before he could keep one penny for himself. Since he's unemployable, he'd never amount to anywhere near that. But for a law that keeps you from suing anyone out of their pension (which admittedly was rather large in his case, $20K a month) OJ would have been homeless and living on the streets. As such he decided to not even try to work, since really, what was the point.

If OJ were John Doe and Fred Goldman was Joe Sixpack, that never could have happened. And that is my problem. This wasn't justice. It was a rich guy who didn't get the result he liked, and so he decided to buy his own result at the expense of the legal system. And that in my book makes him an ass. The fact that OJ is also an ass doesn't change that.

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