April 2nd, 2010

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03:04 am - On begging for money...

It's been a long time since I actually put a blog post out here. I wonder if anyone is still paying attention. Only one way to find out.

So anyway, one of the things that's kept me away from the land of livejournal this last year is working on my comic strip. Cosmic Hellcats is a little project that max1975 and I started a couple years ago. We wrote and drew a comic book based on the fictional adventures of some real life models that I work with and published and sold it at Pittsburgh Comicon 2008. We had so much fun with it that we ended up continuing the comic as a web comic that we've been publishing online three days a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday) ever since. We've amassed a little bit of a following.

Max and I decided to return to Pittsburgh Comicon this year with two additional books that collect year one and year two of the webcomic in an effort to promote year three. The only problem is, printing comics is expensive, and Max and I are but poor and humble starving artists. Even though we did pretty well with selling the book last time, the inital layout of money just to get it published is a serious pain.

So a friend of mine recommended we do a pledge drive. That's where kickstarter (the picture on this entry) came in. Basically we gave people a month to pledge to buy the book. If we hit our mark ($1200) then we'd have enough to do the entire print run and everyone who ordered through kickstarter would get their books. If we didn't hit the number, no one gets charged and Max and I cry ourselves to sleep like little girls. Well, it took us two weeks, but we hit the number, yay us.

But while the pledge drive was going on, Max and I went on and kept working on concepts. People became interested in the book, including more models I work with. So now I want to throw a little something extra into the mix. Another comic! One of the crazy exciting things about the comic we did in 2008 is that Max and I really worked around the clock to get it done. This time, we didn't have to do that. We had been working on it for the last two years. Well, leave it to me to foul that up.

I wrote two more comicbook short stories and I got in touch wtih another couple comic artist friends to draw them. (Max is overworked). We're going to try to publish ANOTHER brand new comic in time for comicon. This comic will not feature the Cosmic Hellcats themselves but will take place in the Hellcats Universe. It's going to feature the introduction of completely new characters who are going to be a big part of the Cosmic Hellcats strip over the next couple years.

So here's what I'm asking. If you like comics or if you just like me and/or Max or you just want to try something new, then go over to the Cosmic Hellcats Kickstarter page and pledge. You can pledge any amount from $1 on up, and every little bit helps. If you pledge $10 or more then we'll send you one of the comics. For $30, you'll get our special anthology trade paperback that includes both comics and other goodies. For more we'll send you poster and photos of the real life models or even original artwork from the strip.

As you see, the project is currently 100% funded because we hit the $1200 mark we needed to publish our initial books, but now we're working on publishing this extra book. If I can get an extra $500 (for $1700 total) by April 18th, then I will make sure everyone who pledged will get an additional free copy of the secret new book I'm working on with the other artists.

So If you have some money to spare, help us out, and if you don't, well, read the strip anyway.

And yeah, I promise that I'll try to write a real blog post soon. I've been working on a couple in my head lately anyway, actually.

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