Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

random thoughts...

haven't written here regularly in a while...

very bored without a job...

called the local GMC body shop about getting the handle on the tailgate of the Vagabond fixed... should be able to do so for under $50

looking over my one night story from the other day, it occurs to me that bar scenes are kinda thematic in my writing, even when I'm not writing Jack's place stories.

need to pay bills bleah...

got a bill from shadyside hospital for when I was in the wreck. Called them and gave them some insurance info (that they already had) really feel like this is gonna be trouble.

for the last several days, I keep getting a phone call from some recordiing telling me that they need to speak to me and that I should call this 800 number. They don't say on the recording who it is, or what its regarding. I think they said it was an account... so I figured it was a bill collector or a scam. But they don't even say which one of us they are calling for. I ignored it for a week, but they kept calling back, so Saturday, I finally got curious and called them back and got another message saying "No one in the office can take your call right now, please leave a message saying what this is regarding and we;ll call you back." Again, they did not identify who they were. Bleah, this is a really inefficient manner of running a scam, don't you think?

Robotech:Battlecry is cool... but I can't figure out how I am supposed to beat the level I am currently on.

My mom has a blind date tonight... she's excited.

I'm bored... I need to find somethign to do with myself.

Never did figure out an efficient way to make the genesis program print cleanly. I should get around to doing the versions for White Wolf games soon. Wonder if I can make decent shareware fees on them.

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