October 3rd, 2002

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11:56 am - The irony of an independent contractor...
See that's what I am now... I decided that yesterday. I'm not unemployed... I'm an independent contractor.

	Headhunter: So you'd be responsible for writing and implementing 
			    the User Acceptance tests.
	Mav: Ok, so who is the client.
	Headhunter: The client is Client X and their product is Product Y.
	Mav: HAHAHAHA! You're kidding?
	Headhunter: No, why? Are you familiar with Client X or Product Y?
	Mav: Yes, I designed it for them.

"It's an insane universe. I've had the opportunity to converse with it from time to time on that very subject."
Dr. Stephen Strange

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused

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[User Picture]From: jeremiahblatz Date: October 3rd, 2002 - 11:36 am (Link)
Being an independent contractor is better than being unemployed. For one, you generally get more money. For two, you don't feel so pathetic. Or maybe I just have Employment Issues.

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