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Oprah Log
I'm losing hope...

going well.... I've taken many things over to sui66iy's place already. And the more I pack, the more I throw out, which is always good. Bleah, I need to find a way to stop accumulating so much crap.

Fantasy Football
Sandbox League: 3-2 and in 4th place, mostly due to my darkhorse picks doing pretty well. But this week is going to be interesting because due to byes, injuries, and certain lucky feelings I have about certain match-ups I'll be playing some crazy picks. Ahman Green, just because I think he's due for a big week, Tommy Maddox because, he;;, he's playing against the Bengals, and two tight-ends which is just crazy (Heap, because he's the only offense Baltimore really has, and Sharpe because he's also due for a big week). I'm also starting Darren Sharper, even though he's doubtful because I am out of other Defensive players, and there is no one on my roster I want to drop just to pick up another DB for a week. On the other hand, I'm playing the 2nd worst team in the league, so its not the worst week to play crazy.

Yahoo League: I'm 5-0! woohoo! Biggest problem I have for this week is that Ray Lewis is listed as doubtful. But Yahoo only allows me a 15 man roster, and I already have 3 defensive players and I'm not about to pick up a 4th. (and I'm certainly not going to drop Lewis or Sharper). On the other hand, Lewis is made of steel, so he might just play. It wouldn't surprise me if he played with an amputated leg and still got 3 sacks and an Int.

People keep asking me when my party is going to be, and I really don't know what to say. actually, its a nice ego boost that people look forward to the MaverickJams so much, but I'm in the midst of moving, and I haven't even had time to set up one costume yet (much less my traditional 3 -- I have ideas, but I haven't worked on any yet). And I'd have to be more or less out of my place by time for any Halloween festivities, and I haven't talked to sui66iy about it. I know he wants to have a party for jeremiahblatz at some point, but bleah... I suppose I could talk to him, but it seems so much easier to just mention here and let him notice on his own.

beststephi and my anniversary is in 3 weeks. And I have already spent zillions of dollars on her present. I mention it here for three reasons.

1 - so she remembers and goes out and spends zillions of dollars on me
B) so she shall supsensfully spend the next three weeks wondering what wonderful whimsical wonders I have acquired for her.
III. It gave me a chance to use alliteration

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