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Wow.... a survey I hadn't seen before...

jameel posted this, and I haven't seen it before (which is rare on internet survey type things) so I thought I'd fill it out.

[Current underwear] Boxer Briefs
[Last pill/medicine you took ] Asprin
[Favorite word at the moment ] scrumtrulessant
[If you could travel to anywhere in the world just for tonight, where would you go?] Reedpoint, Montana
[Favorite electronic gizmo of the moment]my smartphone
[Last phone call from...? ] according to my cell phone, beststephi
[What's the first simpson quote that comes to your mind? Don't think about it! Just answer!] "Oh no, he has a board with a nail in it!"
[Last fast food joint you went to, and when ] McDonalds, yesterday. If Chinese counts as fast food, then Yum Wok, two hours ago.
[Last time you hit on somebody (or just plain hit them!)] Hit some one... hmmm... not sure.... I know I threatened to punch jameel in the jaw a week or so ago... hit on.... probably beststephi, unless SO's don't count, in which case... ummm, who knows... I'm such a slut... I guess you could say the cute Eat'n'park hostess who's hair I complimented yesterday.
[What color would you dye your hair if you had to RIGHT NOW?]Hmmm... strawberry blonde highlights or streaks, probably...
[Favorite toy of the moment ]PS2, in particular, Monster Rancher 3
[Happiest comfort food in your fridge/pantry ]Toss up, peanut butter and jelly, or Bacardi 151
[If you could be ANYTHING for Halloween this year, what would you be? (costume budgets/constraints aside- ANYTHING)] Ok... that would be telling... anyone who knows me, knows better...
[Currently lusting after...? (people, things, etc)]hmm... off the top of my head beststephi, Carmen Electra, D'angelo, the STR-DE985, the ibook, a SS-CN495H speaker, Laetitia Casta, a set of SSM-B300H speakers, the aforementioned cute e+p hostess, a job, A PowerLogix PowerForce Dual G4 upgrade card, and max1975(mostly because I know my saying so will make him uncomfortable).

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