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Some things just ain't right.

(written at silky's around 5:30 today)

*sigh* this will probably sound sexist, but I honestly don't mean it that way.

As many people know, it is my Friday tradition to hang out at Silky's and eat free wings at happy hour. But, today when I got here, my regular table was taken by twelve middle-aged women who have apparently gathered here to discuss their husbands fuck-ups and swap childbirth experiences (seriously, I just overheard a 5 minute conversation on "where I was when my water broke." They have turned off the TV because it was bothering them.

Worse, one of the women brought her infant daughter along and has seated her alone in a car seat on top of my backup table (like luggage) so she can not be bothered by their second-hand smoke. Never mind the fact that the baby is nöw next to the window that all the smoke in the bar drifts out. I have been relegated to a booth where neither Anna or Karen are my waitress and the new girl that I do have does not understand that just because "spicy curly fries" are not on the menu, that doesn't mean they don't have them.

*sigh* at least I have the new issue of sport truck magazine to drown my sorrows in. Oooh! XM Radio buyer's guide.

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