October 18th, 2002

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10:35 pm - Some things just ain't right.

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Some things just ain't right. - graffiti.maverick

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From: (Anonymous) Date: October 18th, 2002 - 07:51 pm (Link)
[User Picture]From: mizmoose Date: October 18th, 2002 - 11:06 pm (Link)

Re: repeat after me...

repeat after me...
...babies do not belong at bars.


Wouldn't you just love to be able to kick butt right then? "Hey, lady, give me your id. Here's your warning. If you're caught doing this again, we're taking your kid(s) and forcibly sterilizing you, since you're obviously too stupid to reproduce!"
From: (Anonymous) Date: October 20th, 2002 - 03:37 am (Link)
Um. The line between "bar" and "restaurant with liquor license and smoking section" is basically non-existant. Exposing a baby to undue smoke and leaving a baby "out of the way" make for disturbing trends. But the fact is, you don't know shit about this person and what kind of parent they might be.

You just want to bash on someone based on an easy-to-remember litmus test. I recommend moving on to SUV owners (excluding present company), the military industrial complex, and folks who club baby seals. Write in to the new york times!


P.S. Mav, I empathize. I hate it when the negros and old people take up all the good seats on the bus. The 61C is meant for young hip new economy types, dammit! Talking about their old people and negro people things that don't concern me. At least I can message folks on my smartphone and turn up my mp3 player!
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: October 20th, 2002 - 08:41 am (Link)

nothing like a good bit of free flowing hostility to start your day with. :-)

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