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Wayne's World, Party Time, Excellent

No calls from Oprah, or Sally Jesse or Donahue... resorted to appearing on Wayne's Wolrd on public access channel 5. I got lost on the way to the interview, but it went well nonetheless... I might know something as early as next week.

Printed resumes on nice pretty thick blue paper before I went to the interview. I had intended to "conk" the night before as well, but didn't get a chance. Ended up having to pick up some sheen on the way. Later that night I realized I was still driving the Vagabond around with the bottle of sheen in it. In the cup holder, no less... actually said out loud "damn, that's ghetto." Had to remove it just to feel better about myself.

Most of the major moving into sui66iy's place is done, but beststephi and I still need to go back there tonight to get more small stuff, as well as store some of her furniture at her parents. Need to find out when danitapgh is going to be back from New York so I can put my washer and dryer in her basement. My former landlord actually called me to suggest that "wouldn't it be a nice gesture for me to give him my washer and dryer just to raise the value of the house?" It took me a while to realize he was serious. What an ass... I'd sooner sale them for a dollar at this point.

Had this theory about making up bracelets that wre sort of like DNRs but instead authorized doctors to use whatever heroic measures are necessary to keep you technically alive and milk as much money off the insurance companies as possible... sigh... the things I think about when I have too much free time.

Saw Signs last night with beststephi, sui66iy, anisodragnfly and max1975. It was ok. Didn't like it as much as M. Night Shyamalan's other movies.

Tess and Otto have now been moved to the new place. Otto seems ok, Tess is still hiding behind the couch. I expect she'll do that for at least another week.

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