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Wayne's World revealed

So today I start my new job at Tech RX. I wonder if I remember how to do work. Furthermore, I wonder if I remember how to drive out there. I suppose all will be revealed soon. The potentially hardest part is over, seeing as how i actually did remember to get out of bed when the alarm clock went off today.

Not supposed to be there til 9:30 today, but I have no idea how long it's going to take to drive out there in rush hour, so I'll probably leave in about 15 min. On a good note, I have headphones and an iPod, so that's a good start. What more do I need for a first day at work. Hmmm, I'll need something to put on my desk. What the hell did I do with my dragon? And my Elseworld coffee mug?

Bleah, I bet they'll make me use an icky PC. I really need to buy my own iBook.

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