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getting into a car accident sucks... it sucks a lot...

when I was driving home from work today, some couple decided it might be a good idea to make a very illegal u-turn across 2 lanes of traffic on forbes avenue. seeing as how I was in the next lane and only about 5 or 10 feet behind him, I ended up plowing head-on into him. yay for seat belts. I slammed on the brake the second I saw him turn, but it wasn't good enough. i ended up bouncing their car across the next lane of traffic and clear up onto the sidewalk. Luckily the oncoming traffic and the woman right behind me were able to put their brakes on in time.

so now by back and neck hurt... The doctors prescribed drugs and hot baths... it actually says that on my discharge papers... "take a 20 minute hot bath three times daily" I'm glad western medicine has come so far.

Tomorrow I get to deal with insurance adjusters and police reports... wheee..... I liked it better when Jammy Jam was my biggest concern in the world.

in other news, according to Conan O'brien, Halle Berry's husband has checked himself into the hospital for sex addiction. Conan says that the doctors say he isn't really a sex addict, its just that he's married to Halle Berry...

hmmm... I was in a car wreck, and his biggest problem is that he can't seem to stop fucking Halle Berry. If he wants to trade, I think I'm up for it.

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