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The truck is dead, long live the truck.

So the Vagabond died this weekend. I went to silky's with Lou, Kelly, b1uebutterf1y, beststephi and a visiting nowishere. Then left and went to see Frida with beststephi, sui66iy, anisodragnfly, max1975, kolojakechick, Eric and Jen. Upon leaving the movie, I discovered that the Vagabond wouldn't start. Got a ride home from beststephi and had it towed the next day.

The tow truck driver seemed to think it was a bad fuel pump, which seemed consistent with the symptoms. But Pep Boys seems insistent that it was a bad battery. Now the battery was strong enough to start the lights and the radio, and try to start the ignition, and trying to jump the truck off of beststephi's van didn't work. But they put in a new battery and now it starts. Maybe I just needed more CCAs. Ah well... here's hoping I don't break down somewhere between here and work.

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