December 1st, 2002

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10:07 am - Merry something or other... HO HO #@$%ing HO!
The Vagabond is in the shop again. this time with a busted fuel pump... which as you may recall was what I thought was wrong with it the last time I had to take it in. I hate mechanics. Anyway, the repair bill si going to be at least $400, plus more if the enine has suffered detrimentally or they find an oil leak. I fear this is going to severely impact my ability to buy a laptop or say... non-denominational yuletide winter holiday presents. *sigh* Being proven right is so much less satisfying when it ends up costing you money. On a good note, I think my dad is going to give me some of it... which is cool, because it means I get my truck back, but I was going to ask him for cash for Christmas (actually before Christmas) to buy an ti/ibook with. Ah well... so much for that plan.

Been thinking about writing again lately. I could always work on finishing Jack's place, but I've been stagnant on that for months now. I do have another novel idea kicking around in my head... an actual novel instead of a novita... Maybe I'll work on that later. But who am I fooling... I'll wish I was working on it while I lamely sit around and bitch about my life sucking.

Was considinering giving up smoking today... haven't had a cigarette in like 9 hours since I ran out... I think its killing me.

Current Mood: [mood icon] bitchy
Current Music: Feel U Up by Prince

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