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and lo, thou shalt be smited by the mighty car gods

The Vagabond is dead... again...

About a month ago, I was having problems with the truck losing power, until finally it just wouldn't start at all. It seemed as though gas wasn't injecting into the engine correctly. I had it towed to Pep Boys and they informed me that I had a bad battery. "Are you sure its not a bad fuel pump?" I asked them? They said "No, it looks like its just a bad battery." They replaced it and sent me on my way.

Wednesday, I couldn't get it started when I was ready to leave work, so i had it towed to a different Pep Boys. They told me it had a bad fuel pump and that needed to be replaced. $400 and five days later I got it back. They told me there was some knocking in the engine, but they weren't sure what it was? I told them I had been worried about an oil leak, they said no. They called me up yesterday and i went and picked it up. They assured me it was good to go, but they were worried about the knocking. It could be a bad rod, it could be a loose bearing, but there was nothing they could really do about it, shy of replacing the engine (roughly a $3000 repair).

I picked up last night, and there was in fact a very loud knocking in the engine. I must note, that it wasn't like that Wednesday morning before the fuel pump quit. Today I drove it to work, filled it up with high grade gasoline and anti-knock fuel additive and drove it home. The knocking persisted. When I got home, I went to the bank and to pick up dinner. The engine quit completely and suddenly 2 or 3 blocks from my house. I can't get it started at all, and I fear the worse.

Tomorrow, I suppose I will call Pep Boys and yell at them and see if it fixes anything or at least makes me feel better. I just don't have the heart to do it tonight. That is of course assuming I don't die in my sleep, which would be on par with how I'm feeling tonight..

This has not been my year...

Someone shoot me now...
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