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Welcome to the tundra...

danitapgh and sui66iy told their snow stories, so I might as well tell mine too.

I have a important client meeting today, so I couldn't skip out on work. And its not exactly like I can walk. I was supposed to carpool with danitapgh, but she was smart enough to realize that gainful employment is not worth going out in what's out there today. Luckily, beststephi has been nice enough to let me use her van while the Vagabond is out of commission. (Thank you, sweetie... I love you)

So, it took me two hours to drive the 20 miles to work today; sometimes reaching blazing speeds IN EXCESS OF 20 MPH! Along the way, I saw a two car accident in the other direction and a six car... ummm... I guess you could call it a pile up... in the lane next to me. One of the cars was a cop car. None of the cars were really terribly damaged, seeing as how no one was moving faster than 10 MPH at the time, except for a little ford focus that spun a bit and hit the highway divider. An SUV, a Beamer, the cop car, a van and some 80s era sedan that I could quite place all only had minor bumper or fender damage.

I am so dreading having to drive home later today. I hope they clean a lot of it up.

In other news, I have a bit of a stomach ache. That sucks...

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