December 13th, 2002

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07:56 pm - Wow men are stupid
So yesterday while shopping with beststephi, I over heard two young men trying to buy lingerie for the girlfriends. The guys must have been 19 or 20.
     Guy 1: Umm, well... ummm... excuse me?
     Victoria Secret Saleswoman: Yes?
     Guy 2: Yeah, we'd like to get nightgowns...  ummm.. for our girlfriends.
     VSS: Ok. Do you have anything in mind?
     G1: I sort of like this.  (points to nightgown)
     VSS: Do you know their sizes?
     G2: Yes
     G1: No
     G2: Well we approximately know.
     G1: They're both like. Regular. You know medium. 
     VSS: Ok, well do you know their bra sizes?
     G1: Ummm, I forget. She's like a 32D? 34C? something like that?
     G2: Is there a difference?

They were so cute. I was greatly amused. Awww... the little boys are gonna buy naughty underwear for their girlfriends. I'm just glad I have an inner gay man to make me understand stuff like sizes and styles and hair and interior decorating. But really? this is got to be easy. If you are a boy, you should not be buying lingerie for anyone who's bra size you can't easily discover. If nothing else, by picking it up off your floor and reading the label after she's gone to sleep. Or maybe they don't actually have girlfriends and they're just idiot using the "ooh, if I buy her sexy lingerie, maybe she'll fuck me!" theory. In any case. I was amused.

In other news, the football jersey steph got me for our anniversary finally came today. I so rock:

And finally, who wants to help us decorate our christmas tree?

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[User Picture]From: max1975 Date: December 13th, 2002 - 05:31 pm (Link)

i wonder...

They were probably just pretending to have girlfriends and buying the nightgowns for themselves.
[User Picture]From: yannaboo Date: December 13th, 2002 - 08:19 pm (Link)
nice jersey... but what's a nice boy from Lorain doing with a Steelers jersey?

[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 13th, 2002 - 08:59 pm (Link)
I don't really know... I grew up as a steelers fan. My mom was a steelers fan when I was a little kid. And since they alwayys won back then, I guess it just never seemed weird. I think my mom had a crush on Lynn Swann.
From: (Anonymous) Date: December 13th, 2002 - 10:02 pm (Link)

Lynn Swan was ok, but too young for my tastes...

I did not! I liked Franco Harris & Mean Joe Greene! And oh yes, I like the jersey. Steph has good taste.

Guess what? I just made 12 dozen Children's Delight cookies. Maybe if you're good, Santa will drop a few off.

[User Picture]From: jameel Date: December 15th, 2002 - 11:51 am (Link)

Re: Lynn Swan was ok, but too young for my tastes...


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