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Fantasy Football

Well, the Yahoo League is over (14 regular season weeks + 2 weeks of playoffs) and I am the champion with a 10-4 regular season record. Woohoo! Thanx to sk4p for inviting me to join and crush them at the last minute.

Sandbox is not fairing as well. I'm currently 9-7 and with only one game left. With teams at 13-2, 11-5 and 10-6, the best I can do is tie for 3rd place. And I need help in order to get that. But I'm playing the number 2 team next week. And the guy in 3rd is playing the number 1 team. So I guess its a possiblity. And even if I lose, the worst I can end up doing is tying for 4th place. So I guess it isn't too bad overall.

Finally, the Stillers beet Tampa Bay yesterday in a big upset to clinch the AFC North title. If that's not fantasy football come true, then what is?

Its Christmas Eve! Presents tomorrow... and if I'm lucky, my iBook today. Maybe I'll update after I finish talking to Fed Ex

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