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Never satisfied...

sui66iy's parents were here last week and asking me questions about my speakers, because presumedly they are thinking of getting new ones...

Stayed home from work today, since all I had to do was write a white paper. So of course I blew that off and reorganized the living room sound system.

beststephi got me a new center channel speaker for Christmas. I replaced the old center channel speaker and moved it to be the new rear center. That freed up the JVC bookshelf speaker I had been using there since I bought the new stereo a month or two ago. This meant that I was able to replace the crappy SSIs I was using as front L and Rs in my bedroom surround system with the slight less crappy JVCs. This meant that i had two free SSIs. I rearranged and rewired the living room stereo components so the front speakers are better placed, the DVD player is more accessible (even though we only ever use this room for music, and the TV is now at a more appropriate height for people who might want to do karaoke. I then moved the SSIs down to the living room to use as rears. Now that means that the really nice NHT 1.5i's are now matched with two crappy SSIs which although nice in that it brings sound to the rear of the room, but is also sad, because its pretty much a sin to match the NHTs with the SSIs, even under the best of intentions. I programmed the pro-logic (yeah, this is the oldest stereo I still own) decoder to phantom mode since there are only 4 speakers in here, and now I am noticing the distinct lack of a center channel speaker.


It's really depressing. I asked beststephi for the center channel speaker for the non-denominational yuletide winter holiday, because I figured it was the last speaker I needed for a while and I'd be able concentrate on things like HDTV. Nope, I'm a fool. All this has done is make me realize what I in fact need is six new speakers (replacing the 3 SSIs in my room, the 2 in the living room and a center channel for the living room).

The lesson, kids, is don't buy speakers. You don't need them. Just get a pair of headphones or be satisfied with the sound that comes out of the TV. (oh my god, I don't even remember how long it has been since I tolerated from TV or from boom box sound). Its a slippery slope. Don't fall down it.

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