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bleah (part 2)

thank you to everyone who provided anti smoking encouragement.... I think you're all nuts... I clearly was healthier as a smoker than I am at this very moment. But I thank you nonetheless.

Lets see... had my last cigarette at about 2pm yesterday, so roughly 30 hours ago. Last one before that was at like 6 pm the previous night, I think. So, basically, I've had one smoke in the last 48 hours.

My eyes are blurry. I keep coughing. I have a headache and can't force my mind to formulate a complete thought in less than 5 minutes. I don't understand how people quit smoking and gain weight. I'm starving, but I haven't eaten dinner because I have felt all bloated and like I was going to throw up since lunchtime. Based on symptoms, I am pretty sure that through lack of nicotene exposure I have contracted both ebola and malaria. I quit smoking once before for like a year and a half and I don't recall it being anywhere near this bad. As I recall, and as I am told by others, day 3 is the worst. I haven't even gotten the shakes yet. Dammit, at least heroin addicts get methadone.

More later, assuming I survive the night...

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