January 12th, 2003

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06:36 pm - Maurice Gibb dead at 53.
Maurice Gibb is dead. And that is sad. Although beststephi will probably slap me for saying so, I don't think its quite the tragedy of losing a JMJ. I do however think he was important enough that the Nightly News should have know to announce him as "Maurice" and not "Morris"

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Maurice Gibb dead at 53. - graffiti.maverick

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[User Picture]From: sk4p Date: January 12th, 2003 - 03:59 pm (Link)
Actually, I've seen interviews in which Barry and Robin have pronounced it "Morris", so I guess it's a British thing.
[User Picture]From: mizmoose Date: January 12th, 2003 - 05:28 pm (Link)
It was pronounced "Morris", and if Steph doesn't slap you, I will!
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: January 12th, 2003 - 09:27 pm (Link)
oh, I'm not saying it doesn't suck that he's dead. I acknowledge the BeeGees place in history, and he was a backup Fugee to boot. But he wasn't Barry. So I just don't think it was as big a loss to the music world. To Beegee fans, sure. To the Gibb family, absolutely... but its not the same as with JMJ. JMJ basically invented modern DJ'ing. Well, not really Grand Master Flash did, but JMJ popularized it. All Maurice really did was provide back up for Barry. Important, yes, but seeing as how the BeeGees weren't exactly blazing trails today like they were in the 70s, and seeing as how even when they were he wasn't one of the important ones (Barry and Andy) I think its just best to put things in perspective. It would be sort of like if Ringo or Tito died. Now I would like to point out right now, that Ringo is my favorite Beatle and Tito is my favorite Jackson, but neither of them mean to the music worl what John or Michael did.
[User Picture]From: yannaboo Date: January 12th, 2003 - 09:13 pm (Link)
I don't think it's quite the tragedy of losing a JMJ either. Was Maurice Gibb shot without provocation? I don't know. Of course, maybe I just feel this way because I never got to see Run DMC live (cause I turned 21 mere months after their 21+ show), or because I like Run DMC waaaay more than the Bee Gees.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: January 12th, 2003 - 09:32 pm (Link)
nope... he died in a hospital of heart problems he'd been having for the last week. Yes, it sucks, but its not like he was just sitting at his desk at work and someone walked up and put a bullet in his brain.

Yeah, I missed that concert too. I can't remember what I ended up doing instead. But I heard about it, and though "ooh, RunDMC, Kid Rock and Aerosmith! That should be cool!" but didn't go. Now I wish I had.

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