January 19th, 2003

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05:42 pm - bicentennial plus 27
danitapgh is having a birthday party for anukul. Much like with my parties she has decided to make it all themey and dress-uppy and stuff. Being that I am me, I decided that I had to participate in the dressing up. Initially, I had planned on simply getting some bell-bottoms and figuring that that would take me farther than anyone else who comes to the party. But then, last night I watched my Undercover Brother DVD and that planted the seeds of something in my head. Bell bottoms are not enough. I must do more. If I am truly to realize my dream of bringing back disco, if I am truly to achieve the actualization of funk rather than it potential, if I am truly to be too funky for myself, then I can not settle. I can not half step. I must go all the way. I must go beyond. I must become something more than I have ever been. I must become.... Mavzilla!

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From: ludimagist Date: January 19th, 2003 - 09:57 pm (Link)
In the Spirit of Undercover Brother, I have one word for you...


That is all.

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