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Road to Recovery

gonna go play tennis in a bit... It'll be the first bit of exercise I've had since the accident. Looking forward to it, but its kind of scary at the same time. My back feels a lot better than it did initially, but it still hurts, and my neck is still kinda stiff... I guess if it gets too bad, I'll just quit. Sigh... I remember after I was in the accident when I was sixteen (a much worse one too). Two days later I was back out training for cross country. Bruised ribs and all... ah to be young again.

I've made arrangements to buy my Dad's old GMC Jimmy. At least that will get me back on the road again, and it should be a prime rafting vehicle. But I need to find a way out to Breezewood next weekend to pick it up. Not sure if I want to take Steph's car or not. Maybe whatever rental I get tomorrow. I also need to go through all the trouble of getting registration and insurance and stuff on it this week. Hmmm... I think I'll get personalized plates this time... been trying to come up with good ideas.

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