Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

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new toy

bought a cute little optical mouse at CompUSA for only $14.99. Yay! no more trackpad for me.

I've also gotten sick of the really crappy 2 meg video card they gave me for my secondary monitor, so I bought a box of crackerjacks that came with a 16 meg ATI card. They'll probably complain about me installing my own hardware, but really... screw them. The monitor was giving me a headache. Now all I need is a cheap KVM switch. Does anyone have one? I would have bought one, but all they have are expensive new shiny ones with digital readouts and keyboard commands. I want an old crappy one with a big wonking knob that I can twist. Actually, I don't even really want a KVM switch, I just want that does Video so I can hook my laptop up. Sigh...

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