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Automotive choices...

So I need to do something about my lack of wheels. I went looking at vehicles tonight. Here are my options as they are currently manifesting themselves:

  • Fix the Vagabond. Rebuild the engine. Have a running 2x4 '92 GMC Jimmy. 130,000 miles but a rebuilt engine so that's pretty good. Color: Red. SLE configuration. Still, its a lot of work for a vehicle that's worth about $2400. Approx cost of engine rebuild: $2500
  • Buy a '94 Ford Explorer. 120,000 miles. Sounds pretty good. Color: Green. XLT configuration. Thing is, It doesn't so much sing to me as a vehicle I really WANT, just that I need one and I can afford it. I like it, ok, especially with me having the thing for trucks that I have. I dunno. I'd like it, I'm sure. Maybe its just that I'm not into green. Cost: $4995
  • Buy a '94 Honda Civic del Sol. 140,000 miles, but it purrs like a kitten. I mean it – like a kitten. Color: Black. Ok, so clearly I really want this car. But its impractical in so many ways. Only 2 seats. Its a convertible, Its not a truck. But its so pretty. Cost: $3995

Ok, so clearly I want the convertible. On a good note, its a 4 cyl. engine, and its not 4 wheel drive. And its a lot lighter than the truck. Its going to use a lot less gas and its going to be cheaper to insure than the truck would be. On a bad note, it only has two seats, so I can't give people rides anywhere. It doesn't have the kind of cargo hauling capability that an SUV would have. Of course, beststephi has a van now, so if we ever needed the extra space, we have it.

So opinions? What should the Vagabond be? Jimmy, Explorer or del Sol?

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