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such a beefcake I can't get through the door

Been trying to get back into shape in the last few weeks to some limited success. Last year I dumped fat. This year I build muscle. To that end, beststephi, sui66iy and I decided to go out and buy a home gym. We had been debating the merrits of Bowflex amongst ourselves for the past week or so, but eventually decided to just go get something cheaper from Dick's. While there, we discussed the merrits of free weights vs. pulley systems and eventually decided on the Weider 9400.

Apparently you can have it delivered and assembled for an extra $165 or something like that. We decided not to do that, because of course we're intelligent people, five college degrees between the three of us. Certainly we can handle the assembly of a simple piece of weight equipment. So we shoved it in the van and brought it home. What they don't tell you in the store is that main unit weighs about 250 pounds, and there are another couple hundred pounds of weights that come in separate boxes. So its quite a workout just getting it down the stairs and into the basement and then trying to put the damn thing together. Mike and I worked on it for the last 4 hours or so, and we're half way done. The rest will wait til tomorrow.

I feel healthier already. Simply by doing the work we've done so far, I now look like this:

Just wait til tomorrow. I'll be benching armored cars by the end of the week.

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