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a less prodcutive night

My beefcakeyness is failing me. In a less productive night than last night, we didn't feel like finishing the home gym. Maybe tomorrow. Hmmm... this bodes poorly for our proactive get in shape plans.

Seeing as how I wasn't really up to doing anything useful, I decided to implement a new completely gratuitous LJ hack that I had been thinking about for a while. A custom Friends page to go with my custom recent entries page.

My eventual goal would be to have pictures of my entire friends list in the collage somewhere. Naturally I didn't get that far. Still, look here for the full collage (so far). And see if you see yourself. If you don't, and you care to be there so that every time I read LJ I think of you, then, send me a pointer at a good image. If you are there and you think there is a better picture of you somewhere on the web that I might prefer to use, send me a link to that as well.

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