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on things that suck in my life

Went to apply for a loan so that I could buy the del Sol. It turns out my bank won't give me a loan for a car that old, and the other place I was thinking of going won't give me a loan for less than $7500 (and the car is only $4000). *bleah* Anyway, so what I can do is get a personal loan (to use for whatever I want), only my bank won't give me one of those because my credit is only ever so slightly better than Willie Nelson's. Considered using sucky dealer partnered loan, but I went there and test drove the car and now I don't even want it. Its pulls to the left when I drive it, the guy said "yeah, it needs to realigned" I asked him why he didn't tell me that when I asked if anything was wrong with the car and he said it was in perfect shape and he said "well, you can fix that" I asked how much he was willing to knock off the price and he said "we're pretty firm on that" so I walked away. Who knows what else they weren't telling me.

So now I am once again giving serious consideration to just spending the ~$2500 to fix the Vagabond. Sigh... grownup decisions suck. Is it nap time yet?

Other stuff:
Oprah Log:
No calls from Caroline Rhea or any of the other talk shows. I did get standard "we recieved your demo and will contact you if we want you to audition" form letters. We'll see what happened. Called Jimmy Kimmell back to schedule our meeting and he says that he figured out a way to be entertaining without guests. He's going to just do the show by himself for a while and see how it goes. He'll call me back in 2 weeks so our people can do lunch. I wish him the best of luck, but really... he is so cancelled.

beststephi and I (and later sui66iy worked on getting the gym together last night. Installed the pulley system. All that's left is to put the seats on which I think I will do a little while later. Body by Maverick coming up.

Had to be at work at 6am for a meeting today. And we STILL didn't get everythign done. So that meeting reconvenes on Monday. Also I was given a 700 page (ok, I'm exaggerating, its only 652 pages) document that I have never read and have no background knowledge on at all to completely rewrite in 2 weeks time, because its broken in some undefined way, and the guy who wrote it originally left the company and no one understands it. I'm supposed to do it in two weeks so that we can "maintain the schedule." Supposed to meet with my supervisor tomorrow to discuss the "plan of action for getting the work done." I think I am going to say the plan is "we're fucked." We'll see how that goes.

Someone kill me now.

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