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on a lazy winter saturday afternoon

I have done basically nothing today.

Ok, that's not really true, I've worked out. After one solid week of the Body by Maverick program, I think I can definitely feel some results. I'm slightly heavier (by about 3 pounds) than I was before I started using the weights, but that's to be expected at the beginning of a new program. My arms are definitely expanding a bit, and I generally feel stronger. How long before I get shot in the head?

I took yesterday off from my recent fitness kick (The Body by Maverick plan decrees Friday as a day of rest), and went to the mall with beststephi, anisodragnfly and max1975 to check out the Leatther Limited going out of business sale. 60-80% off everything in the store, so I was hoping there'd at least be a nice pair of leather pants that I'd want. No such luck. Steph was able to get several suede halter tops that she seems pretty happy with though. While I was out I did score a Spiderman baseball jersey similar to my Captain America football jersey and my Thundercats Hockey jersey. Ok, I'm a geek. Want to make something of it? I also got a copy of this months Sport Truck magazine... see, there you go... I'm all macho and stuff now. We ended up going back to Jenn's and drinking beer and playing a silly board game we picked up. Eventually, anukul, danitapgh and sui66iy also came over and joined us.

Oh wait! Today was a very proactive though lazy day. Updated my online headshots and indiscriminately fired them off to several talk show spots I saw in the trade papers. Ok, that was pretty much just in the last hour. I didn't do much else useful other than working out... but its a weekend. I think I am going to go see Daredevil tonight. Maybe that will inspire a nice comic book movie rant.

Oh, and I think I am once again entering a heavy New Jack Swing phase.

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