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when I grow up, I want to be a teenage russian lesbian...

beststephi and I went to Silky's on Friday. wooble was there for the first time in quite a while. Also, yannaboo and sk4p and some of their friends showed up. Hung out with everyone for a while then came home.

Started installing mamarayne's iMac. That was a pain in the ass, because the firmware was out of date. In order to install OS X, you need modern firmware, so I had to boot it to firewire target disk mode, and format the disk (it was a brand new unformatted disk) then copy sys 9 onto it. Then I could boot it into 9 so I could download and run the firmware updater. Then I could boot off the OS X install CD and wipe the disk again and do a clean install. Royal pain, but everything is fine now. I've been playing with the Speech Recognition system because she wants to use it. I'm impressed, its come a very long way since sys7.

On Saturday, beststephi and I went to Century III Chevrolet to look at trucks. I now remember why I hate it there. Ugggh. After two hours of dealing with the pushy saleslady, she finally assured me that she should be able to get me approved for financing on a 2002 Blazer 4x4 that I liked. Test drove it, and its great. 23K miles. $23K. Now the question is do I want it? Its nice (except that its tan and I'd rather have Black, White or Red). In fact, its nicer than I even wanted, what with automatic door locks, heated outside mirrors, and automatic headlights and all the other whiz bang crap. I need to go to the used car lot with no name by Steph's office and see if I can get financed on the $7500 1997 Blazer. Its actually red, and it lacks some of the bells and whistles, but I'm perfectly capable of locking the doors my damn self. It's also got 117K miles on it, but the fact that it $15K cheaper has a definite appeal to me. The annoying thing is given the way the world is all fucked up, there is the very real likelihood that I won't be able to get approved for the small loan and will be forced to take the large loan and more expensive truck. Or I could save up another thousand dollars and justn fix the Vagabond... sigh...

After the car dealer, we stopped at target so that Steph could get some cat stuff and I could indulge my crack DVD habit. I also stopped in the CD aisle and noticed that 2pac has a new album out. Damn, that brotha' just keeps working. Also picked up t.A.T.u's CD. To paraphrase Phil Spector, "God, is a teenage russian lesbian who can sing."

Updated my friends page with lots more pictures. Shout outs to diana412, dr4b, evil_lipgloss, ludimagist, mamarayne, mg4h, and especially anukul for giving me some of the pictures.

Two weeks of solid working out, and still going strong. Can't tell if I'm buff yet. Actually, not true. I'm definitely in better shape than I was when I started, but I haven't yet acheived genetic freak status. Will have to keep working.

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