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on why I should remember that I hate big car dealerships.

So Saturday, Century III Chevy called me to tell me they had several more Blazers that I should come in to look at and they had run a credit check and were pretty sure they could "come close to my target price range" of $200 a month. Great I told them, and so I went in today to look at what they had to offer. The think I liked best was a Black 1998, 4 door with 58K miles on it. C3Chevy is annoying and won't discuss prices over the phone. So I go there and test drive it. Its good. I'm interested. What's the price I ask. The saleswoman says "I'm not sure, I never know til I look them up, I think its around $19K." I laugh at her, and say "try around $12K." She said she'd have to check the book. Back at the dealer they say they were asking $16,545, but might be willing to work. They needed to put together a finaning package for me. They came back with $429/month for 48 months (with only $1500 down! -- yes, they actually used the word "only").

Now keep in mind, they called me in. In what godforsakenroguemusthavethepowerofthorwolverinekillednickfuryauntmayisaheraldofgalactusandtheoriginalmarvelbullpengainedthepowersofthefantasticfourdystopic alternate reality is $429/mo in the same ballpark as $200/mo. I send them back to run the numbers again and they decide that they can offer me $369/mo for 54 months, but that's as low as they'll go. Or, even better, they could put me in a brand new Focus today! But I don't want a Focus. Uggh! So they're going to "keep looking" for me.

Ugh, I hate people... life would be so much better without them

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