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weekend activities

Drove to Lorain yesterday to visit my grandparents, my brother and mamarayne. Very quiet visit. Nothing of note happened. Nice to see everyone, but I very much remember why I moved away. Whoever thinks Pittsburgh is boring has never grown up in Lorain, OH.

Played Tennis with Geoff today. Did pretty good. Blew a two game lead to lose the first set 4-6. Dominated the second set 6-0. Third set I blew a three game lead, but still managed to come back and win 6-4. My leg held up pretty well. I've had this theory since I started working out again. Davey Boy Smith once said in an interview that he has a hairline fracture in his femur and some torn cartiledge. He had been working through the injury for 2 years. He claimed that even though it hurt like hell, his muscles were strong enough that it didn't really effect him. To that end I have been attempting to strengthen my leg muscles to compensate for my ankle and knee. It worked pretty good today. My ankle is sore, but it was sore going in, and my knee feels fine. Score one for the British Bulldog. Of course, Davey Boy Smith died at the ripe old age of 39, but so long as I stay off the steroids, hopefully I'll be ok.

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