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in Coraopolis no one can hear you scream...

Have come to the conclusion that Wayne's World is inevitably going to be the death of me. No sense fighting it anymore. Everything dies sooner or latter. For me its just going to be sooner. Some things die of old age, some things die of disease. Somethings die in car accidents. I had always wanted to die fighting valiantly but being overwhealmed by superior in a final battle with evil ninjas. But we've all got to give up on those romantic childhood fantasies sooner or later. So there, I give up. I'm done. I'm going to die of utter frusteration with lack of intelligence of my fellow man.

c'est la vie...

To that end, I have decided to spend my few remaining days on this mortal coil (I figure I've got maybe 2 weeks before my will to live has dropped so low that I simply expire) rediscovering my artistic roots. Bought some non-repro blue pencils today and intend to do some sketching tonight. I think the first thing I am going to work on is a new comic bio pic (inspired by papertygre and jameel). Then I'll have some free time. Seeing as how my imagination was one of the first things that Wayne and Garth ripped from my skull, I'm more or less out of ideas. So maybe I'll take some requests.


*sigh* and the ninja battle would have been so grand too....

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