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on my not being very bright...

this is a wooden post: wooden post It is just as intelligent as I am.

As I think I may have mentioned the gas gauge on the Vagabond doesn't work right. This isn't a major problem because I'm usually pretty fanatic about keeping the tank full, and I track how far I have been driving, so as to know when to fill up. (I never trust the guage on any car). I realized i was running low last night as I was parking at home, but decided I'd just deal with filling it up in the morning.

Well, I forgot, because as I pointed out, I'm an idiot, you see.

Car sputtered to a stop in the middle of the parkway. I was going fast enough to where there was a shoulder to park on. I called AAA and told them to bring me gas. They told me that seeing as how I was stranded in the middle of a freeway, they would mark this as a "priority situation" (i was not even aware that AAA had such designations). It took the tow truck guy just about exactly an hour and a half to get to me with the two gallons of gas to drive to the next service station (which was about a mile and a half a way... plenty close enough that I could have walked there myself (if it weren't for the fact that it was along the parkway, which doesn't have a shoulder in many parts.) Priority service == 1.5 hours. I'm glad I didn't get regular service... I'd still be there tonight.


On a good note, I now pretty much know exactly how big my gas tank is....that's got to be worth something.

Also, apparently je2i was stuck in morning rush hour going the other way, and had a nice little laugh at my expense. You know, I'm always happy to be entertaining.

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