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wow... a decade of carnivals...

how the hell did that happen?

As has been my custom for the last couple years, I avoided official carnival events. After I got my laptop back, I did Silkys. beststephi and I briefly considered hitting the TMBG concert after Silky's on Friday, but thought better of it once we saw how long the line was. Frankly, I don't really care whether or not they are giants. Friday night, I drank at Piper's Pub with anukul, yesterday, I took sui66iy,sundaygray and Ellen shopping, and then people hung out and drank and watched movies with people at my place. Today, I managed to hit blk's Pie party and saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages. Couldn't stay too late because Steph had work to do. Barb will undoubtebly forget that I was there, and once again claim she's never met me.

Played tennis with wooble again. Lost this time, 6-3, 3-6, 4-6. Didn't bother to wear any braces. Maybe a bad idea. Knee is doing pretty good, the strength training is doing me good I think. I twisted my ankle badly at one point, and it hurts but all things considered its doing pretty well too. If I'd bothered to wear the brace, and maybe eaten some real food today, I might have done better. No matter, I don't really care so much about winning, I'm pretty happy that my body is holding up. I'll be a genetic freak in no time.

Hmmm, time to find some food...

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