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on zoos making me sad and other stories...

beststephi and I went to the zoo today. In some ways, its really nice to go there and take pictures of a bunch of animals that I don't otherwise see on a regular basis. But in a lot of other ways, being at the zoo just makes me really really sad. The animals that get to hang out outside are fine(comparatively), I think. In fact, the gorillas seemed to very much be enjoying themselves. Most of the animals (lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes) seem pretty bored just laying around and doing not much but eating all day. And then there are the special needs animals. Animals that need a certain darkened or temperate environment that doesn't actually occur in Pittsburgh. They keep them in little glass cages in a building. In particular, I feel bad for the Komodo Dragon, which is like one of the most fierce hunting animals on the planet, and it sits there and barely even moves. Then there is the African Black-footed Cat who's entire world has been reduced to a 10x10 foot room. I watched him run around in a circle at full sprint for about 2 min. then I had to look away. Ok, granted, living in a glass box probably beats the hell out of extinction... but still.

In other news, my curse of electronics continues. Most recent victim is my VCR. I'll simply be replacing this as VCRs hold no data, and paying money to fix a VCR, even an SVHS one (which are actually becoming harder and harder to find) is just stupid.

Still need to get around to doing a file restore on my G4.

Was thinking I should write something for sui66iy's lx_arena challenge, but really, I can't think of a single thing to say in the political satire arena. That's pretty weird, as I can usually rattle off 1000 words of free floating hostility on pretty much anything, but here, I am more or less speechless. I have opinions regarding both sides of the issue, but I don't really have anything to say that hasn't been said enough times before that even I'm sick of it. That's mostly why I've stayed away from commenting on the war in my journal so far. Everyone is commenting on the war. It just doesn't seem like its worth the effort anymore. And sure there are other political issues that I could spout off about, things that I actually care about pretty deeply, but really it just seems so out of place to even bother, what with the fact that there's a war going on and all. Bleah... Catch-22... better to just avoid the whole thing and have some rum. Mmmm... rum.

Made some rice pudding Thursday night. Mike, Steph and I finished it by Friday afternoon. Liked it so much I decided to make some more. Its cooling now... think I'll go have some.

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