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Went looking at houses today...

I've been thinking of buying a house again. Mostly I am just tired of paying way too much money to someone else for basically doing nothing and getting nothing in return. I mean, sure I get shelter, but I could get shelter in a place I was buying for ultimately less money.

Here are the places I drove by today: (warning images open new windows)

fixer upper

yuppie suburban

I need to make appointments with realtor's to see both places, but what's immediately clear is that the fixer upper would be a much nicer place if I had the time and motivation to put a whole lot of work into it. On the other hand the yuppie suburban looks about ready to move into now. They're in almost the same neighborhood (the yuppie is in a slightly better location) and about the same price (an extra $5K for the yuppie).

I'm definitely gonna have to think about this. Opinions?

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